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Over the past 14 weeks we have been learning how to blog, post, tweet and post videos and what it means today with everyday businesses. My first post was on what emerging technologies had put forth for businesses around the globe. I was amazed on just a few topics  with twitter and facebook.  Going back 14 weeks and seeing what I have learned over the course of time is amazing, so much more out there than I could ever realise or even know about as far as that goes. But yes it is all about knowing what is available to help your business become successful.

Wow! How Social Media can change the direction your business is going in, and how it may impact you as a business owner and how it impacts the business itself. Business owners, or the person responsible for the business social media imput must be very careful on what it posted to the worls. Can you imagine posting something that should never been posted! This can cause a disaster just by making one post, one tweet incorrectly. This could damage all you have worked so hard for.

Lots of information passed down in the duration of this Social Media Course. I will make good use of what I post and ensure if someone is posting on my behalf to keep it simle and mistake free, if possible. Wvhen something wrong is posted it can go viral in a matter of minutes, so caution is always good.

Thank you for a great semster with Social Media and Emerging Technologies!



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