This week’s assignment will be about the measurement tools that are being used to measure Social Media Success. There are an array of powerful and free tools that can be used to help you understand the successes and failures of your social media promotion or campaign. There are many free tools available such as, Google Analytics, Star Counter, Chart Beat and Quant Cast that can assist you in measuring areas of Social Media in regards to how many views, likes, dislikes, comments and website traffic. There are also many tools that will cost to get information about the sites you want monitored, some of these sites are Sprout Social, and Radian6.

What is Google Analytics?  It is free for all businesses who want to track their social media progress. This measuring tool can assist you in finding out how many visitors have visited your website, it can also send off alerts that will notify you when traffic is coming through your website.  Google Analytics can inform the client how many people that have visited that may be interested in any of the promotions displayed and whether there is ample enough traffic flow and how many visits they would receive on a daily basis.  This Social Media measuring tool is used to assist you in areas that may need some extra understanding to be able to do better in the Social Media world.  Is the traffic flow where I want it? What do I need to do different to get more traffic? This is certainly something I would like to try.

StatCounter’s mission is to help their members easily understand their visitors, so they can make good decisions to become more successful online.  StatCounter( has been around since 1999 and has over a billion hits tracked, so this tell me they must know what they are doing. This is a free account and you can then log into your account anytime night or day to monitor and view your visitors and stats in real-time!

Quantcast Measure( provides free, directly measured traffic and arranges the audience and then makes reports, ensuring that your traffic data is both accurate and reliable.  There is an audience measurement for all website owners including traffic, demographics, business, lifestyle and many other interests. If you are a marketer you can discover how your audience is unique by understanding what makes your audience distinctive across your product lines.  You will be able to learn the difference between visitors and converters as well as demographics, interests and web media consumption habits. Without such tools as QuantCast it would be very difficult to track this information.

Overall I feel it is important to connect with at least one measurement to assist you in tracking and helping you understand what areas you may need to improve on. Find interests and build a relationship that will help you and your business grow and be successful.