This weeks assignment is to come up with a Social Media Plan for a fictional company Extreme Promotional Materials .  Extreme Promotional Materials has been in business for 15 years and has and has approximately 20 employees.  Extreme Promotional Materials works with quality manufacturers to provide a variety of goods that can be personalized with lettering and logos. The company serves school and league teams as well as small to medium sized businesses across south eastern Ontario, but is always looking to expand into both greater geographical and niche markets. We are required to include the company’s mission, goals and vision within the Social Media Plan. Other considerations while creating this plan should include are the target audience(s), how social media will be used to help promote the company and what tools would assist in developing the company’s digital footprint.


Extreme Promotional Materials are committed to selling high quality products while providing excellent customer service with our friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable staff in a relaxing but stimulating environment. We also strive to encourage and inspire creativity and imagination to our sport lovers whether they are at home or in our store.


To become the sports equipment supplier of choice, based on product expertise, price, quality, and level of service, by developing a long term relationship with our customers. Become the “family expert” for sporting goods equipment by treating customers like friends and family and by maintaining an experienced, knowledgeable, and caring staff that can help the customer make the right purchase for them, whether they are individuals outfitting their family, or coaches, athletic directors and league representatives supplying their teams.


Our goals for Extreme Promotional Materials is  to become the sports equipment supplier of choice, based on product expertise, price, quality, and level of service, by developing a long term relationship with our customers.

Key Messages

  • We have upgraded the website so that it is more professional and user friendly, offers incentives, features, and promotions to draw customers back to the site repeatedly, and is optimized for maximum search results.
  • Expand the product line by offering equipment for additional sports that are typically in demand during current sports slow seasons.
  • Extreme Promotional Materials hascreated an outside sales team that calls on schools, leagues, and associations and is known for product expertise and top service.
  • We are an active member of the community by participating in non-profit activities and by sponsoring local sports teams, leagues, and tournaments.
    • We offer competitive pricing, and are committed to our customers.

Social Media Tools

There are so many tools in social media to choose from. Some better than others! I would start with creating a Facebook account with a fan page. With Facebook having over 2 Billion users this would definitely be the first place to start. Here you will be able to connect with other users, promote your product, build an audience, brand your product and gain insight from other users.

My second choice would be to get involved with Twitter. With Twitter you can gain followers and tweet often to get your message out. By keeping both of these Social Media tools professional, you will be able benefit by gaining new customers and build relationships with other businesses. With this said, it could lead to great connections, customers or business partners.

It would not be a good idea to start too many Social Media sites as it may be time consuming until you get familiar with both Facebook and Twitter. Take time to learn all aspects of both social media tools, which in turn will help you promote, gain respect, more followers, new customers, and friends along the way.

Target Audience

What is out target audience? Who will buy our products? These are questions you should be thinking about when promoting products.  Extreme Promotional Materials targets active lifestyle participants. The demographics of this initial segment are typically aged 16 – 30 males and females that have a desire for sports. These customers are active in or they closely relate to those that do participate in this lifestyle. This is a trend-setting group, and they influence other audiences all across Ontario. As awareness in this initial market grows, secondary markets will open up across Canada and maybe even internationally.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

Social media changes the way consumers think and react to products, services and everyday life. It is essential that businesses have a strong social media engagement strategy to ensure they are connecting with customers to help drive their businesses and products forward. Social media needs to be part of a marketing strategy in order for companies to stay engaged with their consumers.

Marketing campaigns tend to encompass several different strategies, such as advertising, public relations and social media. By building an effective integrated campaign, companies can ensure that they are connecting with their key audiences.

Social media visitors look for good and useful information. Twitter, for instance, is known for driving the most content and helping consumers stay up-to-date on key information related to their interests. This is important for businesses as they pursue social media engagement strategies.

The most important in social media engagement, connections are essential to build your brand through social media networks. Influencers are the most important as they will drive growth on your social media networks and continue to build engagement among the followers.


For businesses, it’s important to connect with customers through social media to propel brand engagement. Measuring the number of followers, comments, shares and likes are some of the key metrics to gauge how well you engage with consumers. By creating a plan businesses can clear the clutter and find a path forward in building their reputations through social channels. Creating a plan for your success will help your business grow!