This week in Social media class we discussed branding you and your personal digital footprint.  Your personal footprint can make or break you in the business world. I will be talking about 3 steps to improve your branding and why it is important. There are so many employers checking out facebook and twitter accounts, your new job may depend on what you have been posting in these social media acoounts.

The first step I would take would be to Google yourself. If you are a current user in Facebook and post many silly things chances are they will be shown on the first page when you have googled your name. Although many employers request resumes when hiring for a position, that is often not enough, therefore they will google the potential applicant and see what they are up to on a social standing. Finding a potential employee or a business partener often ends up with many name searches on Google. It is important to keep your slate clean and stay away from abusive posts and vulgar language, this can harm your career or business that you are trying to start. I would recommending you Google your name as often as a couple times a week, search deep think of yourself being the employer, would you hire me!!

The second step would be to take a look at Facebook, which I am always on top of. For example, I have a few friends that are drama queens and post pretty much anything, but when they started to use vulgar language I had to hide them from my timeline, and in some cases I had to unfriend them. I use my Facebook page as a part of my business and I was not happy to see crap all over my pages. It’s easy to keep your Timeline on Facebook clean but in some cases, it can be discouraging to see what people actually post that is rude and offensive.  I have many business parteners on Facebook from all over the world, I don’t want them think I condone bad behavoir, so in most case deleting a friendship must happen.

The third would be LinkedIn, as I have been a member in LinkedIn for almost 2 years I have very many business connections. It is important to keep your topics in LinkedIn professional as well. I have had issues where I have ben invited to connect and have had to remove them as well. I didnt not like the fact that some connection on want to be connected so they can talk bad about someone’s business, LinkedIn is a professional site and if connections become unprofessional somewhat like Facebook I do not hesitate to have them removed from my connections. I like LinkedIn because it is a great tool to advertise and promote my products, so it is very important to keep it clean and professional.

In Summary I am confident that I have kept my Facebook, Fan Page, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts very professional.  I have Googled myself many times and I am all over the first page and I do believe on the second page. I have been posting and advertising and promoting for a couple years  and to me it is important that everyone that is looking for work, looking for business partners or just there to promote their own business you must at all times keep it professional. We live in a world where engagement with your consumer is critical.  The one-to-many paradigm is gone.  Are you prepared?