There are so many trends in Social Media that I didn’t realise existed.  I will be talking about other trends in Social Media for this weeks assignment. We have been asked  choose one story from each site, Mashable, Social Media Explorer and TechCrunch,  that I would find interesting and write a blog post that discusses those stories.

The first story is with Mashable, “Glow-the-in-the-Dark Highways Coming to the Netherlands” Author Neha Prakash  Can you imagine a futuristic solution for safer driving conditions and greener technology?  The Netherlands are wanting to spice up their highways and improving winter driving conditions.  The Netherlands will use photo-luminizing powder to replace road markings and ultimately produce glow-in-the-dark tarmacs. They will be using powder that will be charged by sunlight, and it will be able to soak up enough energy to last 10 hours worth of highway light during nighttime. Snowflakes will be drawn on all roads with special paint. The snowflakes will only become visible when the temperature drops to a certain point, alerting the drivers that the surface may be slippery.  Daan Roosegaarde hopes to also bring glow-in-the-dark roadways to the U.S., mainly the west coast, because of innovators like Google who have already advanced the field of transportation. Talk about smart roads and how the roads can speak to the driver in regards to icy conditions all because of painted snowflakes., Wow!  This could be great for businesses in the Transportation field, think of all the jobs that will be created.

The second story is Social Media Explorer, “Becoming a Social Business Isn’t Just For Social Media”  Author Ilana Rabinowitz

In this article Ilana talks about how evolved social media has become and how quickly it has engaged many people. Facebook with a billion of us and how it has changed our  expectations about how quickly we recieve responses from other people. Just think how it has changed the way we share knowledge with both personal and professional contacts. What about corporate culture and how it reflects the principles and ideas of social media? The business behaves like a community, management does not broadcast, communications are flexible, information is open and the company does not rely on control and procedures but on collaboration. This brings some light to the table as to whether corporate culture needs to engage more in social media to be successful. Here is a video on entrepenuers and social media, by John Jantsch, on a company that that went from almost extinct to becoming a leader in its industry by changing the corporate culture to focus on the needs of the employees and clients ttp://

The third article from TechCrunch ” Major Wireless Carriers Hunker Down For Hurricane Sandy” Author Jordan Crook.  In this article the nation’s major wireless carriers want you to know they’re ready to roll. Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile have all released information on what they’re doing to prepare for Hurricane Sandy. With the forecast for hurricane Sandy it was expected that over 10 million people would be without power. All wireless had pages set up for customers with general safety tips. Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile had a plan in place  to mitigate any affects of the hurricane.  They passed on info to remindpeople  to plug in all of your electronics to a surge protector, and leave them charging until power goes out. There was also an app you could use the Red Cross Hurricane app or SMS service. Media Kit: AT&T Vital Connections were available. While flooding and storm surges may be the most life-threatening aspect of the storm, The damage from the winds would  most certainly interfer with all wireless communication and likely cause power outages across the area. What a great way to get the information out to families and businesses but having this in place. Many Businesses and groups or organizations, got their wirelesses all charged before Hurricane Sandy arrived, thus enabling people to keep contact right until power went out and towers went down.  I am impressed businesses like phone comapnies, especially wireless was still able to keep the lines open and have apps for people to get information to help them keep safe.