This week’s assignment was to choose 2 social media tools discussed and write a post describing how you would use them for a business. The 2 social media tools I chose were Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Pinterest is a fun way to express your interests and share by pinning photos of what is important to you and what may interest you. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pin boards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pin boards created by other people. Browsing pin boards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Pinterest makes good business sense to pin your business and especially if you want to share it with the world. If you are a travel agency and pinned vacation spots, this would interest many people who love to travel and gain great insight on hot spots around the globe. Another example is for a person who loves to cook and love challenges for new and indifferent recipes, could actually find a new recipe and in turn pin it to their board, you could get cooking tips and provide the same to other pinners.

Advertising for businesses is huge in Pinterest, as you can pin almost anything and others can take what you pinned and re-pin it to their board, sharing is huge and by re-pinning the advertisement, your product gets known to the Pinterest population, this is a fun way to stay connected to customers and keep them inform with upcoming product and any new changes within the company. Pinterest also provides free Pinterest apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet.

I use LinkedIn for connecting to other businesses and trusted contacts. By getting new contacts this helps me to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. LinkedIn gives you the keys to controlling your online identity. LinkedIn profiles rise to the top of search results, letting you control the first impression people get when searching for you online. If you ever Google a business most likely be found in your search on the web. LinkedIn has many tools to help you locate and interact with experts. With the many groups, you can find answers to just about any question. Businesses use this social media site to explore there options, post job ads, sales leads and help find great business partners.

Pinterest overall I found to be more of a fun social media site. They say a picture is worth a thousand words! More and more businesses are using bright cheery photographs to promote their businesses. With Pinterest growing every day, this is a fantastic site to start pinning and start growing.

I do believe LinkedIn is the place to get new opportunities. It’s a great Social Media site to get connected with other business members and and promote your business as well. Many business partners are found through LinkedIn. It is a great site to learn, gain knowledge and grow your business.