Week # 6 assignment, we were asked to promote a company on Youtube. This company, Pet Pawsitive, is uinlike your traditional pet store whereas Pet Pawsitive main focus is on providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, rehabilitation and service classes. Both Kingston and Belleville has a retail outlet that sells all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies.

Using Youtube videos to promote Pet Pawsitive would have an enormous positive effect on how to train your pet!  As both locations are actively invovled in the surrounding communities, this would be a welcomed video showing promise to all pet owners, educating both the pets and the owners. I would like to see many different pets, not just focussing on small pets but pets of all sizes and all backgrounds. This would show the customer that anything is possible whether you have a King Shephard or a Teacup Chiwawa. It would also show the natural products, supplies and the benefits of using holistic pet foods. Everyone loves free stuff, offer free samples for those who wish to visit Pet Pawsitive. You would want to grab the viewers attention, so something cute to bring that smile out would be preferrable. The end of the video show have a pet and an owner paw to hand doing a high 5, Oh So Pawsitive!

In my opinion, youtube is the way to go for almost any advertising. This would  be pawsitive training for Pet Pawsitive and a way to stay connected to the consumer and possible new customers. This could be a pet and an owner  being videotaped from Kingston or Belleville and BAM! A star is born! What better way to advertise then have your business video go viral. All of this and ensuring all participants and viewers have a Pawsitive experience.