The assignment for this week’s blog post is to find a business on Twitter and see how they do their advertising and promoting. I will also check on how many times a day or week they actually tweet about their business. The company on Twitter I have chosen is The Waring House . I will explain in my post how they use Twitter to post, advertise and promote special occasion menus to their followers.

What is The Waring House? Some people call it a restaurant, others call it a venue. Well, it is both and much more! The Waring House is divided into 10 different service facilities all from one organization. The Main House and Amelia’s Garden Restaurant, Barley Room Pub, Waring Hall and the Cookery School,  The Garden Spa , Vineyard View Cottage, The House Next Door, Reception and Office, Artist in Residence, Heritage Lodge & the Brian Cardy Boardroom and The Quaker Lodge & the Garden Spa.

The Waring House is using Twitter to get out there, with almost 900 follows, this small town Inn is starting to get recognition. They are advertising different events such as, menu specials, fundraising, Barley Room Pub,about 2-3 times a week. From lobster fest to surf and turfs you can find just about every event happening at The Waring House. The Barely Pub has gone live which will help boost sales and get more customers involved. They also have a Day Spa in the Quaker Lodge plus a Garden Spa which sounds intriguing! They also are advertising for Cooking School Classes, if you want to learn how to cook, this might be a good place to start. All this information is on Twitter, The Waring House is full of surprises!

In conclusion, I would like to say The Waring House is using their Twitter account regularly and is focused on detailed information and is easy to follow and navigate through, however, I feel they could improve by interacting a little more with their followers. Thus said, I am excited as to how far they have come and seeing what they have to offer, my next trip to the county will be to The Waring House Spa. Looks divine!