The Roots Blog is very informative blog with keeping in tune with style for all ages. The blog consist of 5 categories, all in which have an importance to roots overall market. This blog is consistantly blogging new products with style in mind. Healthy living is another category that plays a huge part in the harmony of the Roots organization and providing healthy tips to all their readers. With entertainment from fashion shows to campaigning in different provinces to launch their new products. Roots have also been working to promote Canadian travel and economic development encouraging cutomers to travel Canada and worldwide. Roots loves to stay current in all aspects of the company. As well as staying current Roots remains in the news with all previous categories style, health and wellness, entertainment and current affairs.

Style with roots, who would have thought there was actually style in Roots! Well, I would have never guessed it.There is something for everyone, from travelling backpacks to jeans for men, the denim enthusiasts. Then there is the Oxblood hanbags, such a huge hit for Roots, very stylist, durable and in three different styles. Bold and vibrant these bags can match any outfit.

Healthy Living with Roots, this is surprising to find a clothing store interested in healthy living. Roots is a huge promoter of Roots Walk the Walk so Kids Can Talk campaign. This charity is in 40 communities across Canada. This is the country’s largest walk in support of child and youth mental health and well-being. So impressive!

In the entertainment segment Roots is just out there. They have fashion shows, which are alot of fun, especially if you are involved in them. For the Caribana Carnival in Toronto this coming year, Roots is celebrating the Caribana culture with T shirts “I love T.O” which is a part of show your roots collection. Roots was in a  partnership with the popular television show, Degrassi: The Next Genera­tion, Roots was featured in the program’s season in July. That is totally amazing!

The next catecory is Current Affairs. Roots recently partenered with Minute Maid to provide support for Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada. This just goes to show that Roots is involved in many different events in several provinces across Canada.

Roots in the News! All previous cateegories have been in the news, with styling, clothing, handbags, health and wellness, entertainment and current affairs.

In conclusion, I would like to say that overall I am impressed with the way Roots does business. I am particularly proud that this is a Canadian Comapny and they have promoted them selves with class.  I was not aware how involved they were, just not in surrounding communities, but very involved in Canada as a whole. Their product speaks for themselves! I recommend that Roots continue to keep Canada and the Global Market informed with new products, promotions and community activities on their Blog. Roots is Blogging in Style!

Thank  You