This is my very first time using WordPress so hopefully this gets posted and sent off to my teacher. I love using social media! I have gotten very good on twitter with my home base business and have over 1000 followers. I use Linked In as well and I pin a few things on Pintrest. I am so excited to learn more about social media and how it can help my business grow. I am fascinated on how many followers a person can get in such a short time, it just amazes me. I love posting motivational quotes and business information and daily I get followers in Twitter. I use Facebook quite a bit as well and have a fan page which is finally starting to generate likes. I do most of my communication for my business through social media, and have met some amazing people in the process.

Yes, I use some social media sites but I need to be able to manouver better with LinkedIn and IBO Social sites. It is a learning processr and takes me a while to figure things out. I love the fact that I can advertise for free, make discounted offers and promote my products.

I look forward to learning more effective ways to use social media and and other ways to connect globally to the health Industry market.

Thank You